infos on tango
A reference site which gathers a huge database on tango and on almost all the albums released.
Moreover the site is generous because it allows to download free information relative to an album to allow to tag it more easily. It is a site created a long time ago, but which has been regularly updated.
A very rich site on tango and its culture in the broad sense. It is in Spanish, in English, in German… but not in French.
If you are looking for information on a specific subject concerning the history of tango, this is the place to start.
Another reference site for djing, in English, very complete. The information is more reliable but the site reserves all its information for paying subscribers only.
The site managed by our friend André Vagnon, which gathers a mountain of information and in particular much on the tango in France.
A French site, built on a donor member model. The site has developed an application for smart phones, a sort of tango shazam.
Formerly an online CD shop, the business ceased in 2018 but remains an info site run by friend Michael Lavocah.

Tango Voice
A site in English where you can find a lot of things and where the analysis is of an academic type.

Detailed discussions on tango and on recordings, some discographies.

Fractura Expuesta
An Argentinian magazine on tango from Buenos Aires and their radio station “Doble A” which focuses on today’s tango.

online music sales

Tango Time Travel
This shop managed by Jens-Ingo and Bénédicte is excellent. The renditions of the Arienzos are frankly the best that has ever been done, including for some titles that we only had in mediocre quality at the time (“embrujamiento”, “tres horas” etc…). The Fresedos are also incredible. In short, a must.

Buenos Aires Tango Club
An Argentine shop where we spent a lot of time. A very complete catalogue with a very correct reproduction.
Some records are pure copies of the excellent Japanese label CTA (Club Tango Argentino).
All the records of the BATC collection are computer copies, so their durability and reliability is doubtful. They must be digitised quickly.

CTA (Club Tango Argentino) par
The CTA Collection alternates between the best and the frankly very noisy. Many of the references are out of print today and on the other hand the CDs are expensive if you go through a European dealer. However, if you buy directly from Japan online, the prices are equivalent to European prices.

Tango Tunes
A site for selling dematerialized music. The rendering is very good and there is the possibility to listen to the tracks before buying them.

Club de Tango
The most complete collection to date. Unfortunately, the sound reproduction is rarely of high quality. It is however for the Canaro, the D’arienzo and the Di Sarli. And sometimes it is the only existing source on CD.

Danza Y Movimiento
A comprehensive but poor sounding collection for their flagship collection “Tango Classics”.

This Uruguayan label specialises in artists from their country. It includes Racciatti and also of course candombés.

DJ’s websites

Jens-Ingo Brodesser
A very precise and interesting site on the sound reproduction of tango and on Djing in general.

Age Akkerman
Considerations on the original speed of the tangos and on the musical structure. Offers to download some repitched tangos.

Tanda Of The Week
The original idea of DJ Antti Suniala is to propose a tanda every week that can be listened to on Spotify.
As the weeks and years go by, the proposals are numerous.

Tango en el Espejo
Very interesting considerations on the equalisation of tangos.

Puro compás
A site which has been inactive since 2015, but which contains many interesting things such as all the tangos danced by Carlitos and Noelia or the discography of the Tipica Victor.

Tango DJs for Good Sound
Grouping of DJs, who can register for free and compare their hardware and software.

Le Tango se Corse
My Blog from the time I lived in Buenos Aires from 2005 to 2009. More than 200 posts from the time when FaceBook did not exist !


History of Tango
A site in English on the very erudite history of tango.

Une Histoire du Tango
Dominique Lescarret’s website, containing many illustrations and very interesting information.


Audio Check
A site in English where you can learn a lot about the nature of sound and our poor ears. We recommend the hearing test!
There is also hardcore tech and hardware tests.

Audio Science Review
A technophile site for testing audio equipment of all types.


MP3 Tag
The essential software for tagging songs. It handles all formats and has many tools for massive tagging or editing scripts.

Media Monkey
The DJing software used by Marc.

The software used by Benoit & Camille

Ultra-powerful software to improve the quality of songs.