Benoit’s music focuses on fast rhythms, drawing mainly on the immense repertoire of the 1940s.
He has many new and self-restored titles and likes to associate video animation with the ball whenever possible.


Sensitive to the pulsations of the ball and nourished by his intense experience as a dancer, he composes selections adapted to the context of each milonga for the greatest pleasure of the dancers.
Camille seeks a balance of tandas between tonicity and softness.
Passionate about the tangos from the 20s to the 50s, creating atmosphere and energy is his “beau souci”.


Dancer since 1991, tango DJ since 1996, lived 3 years in Buenos Aires from 2005 to 2007, speaks Argentinian. Has animated more than 200 milongas around the world.

My style is strongly influenced by the Buenos Aires milonga where energy and variety combine with tango poetry to create an emotional bath in which everyone can melt.

My initial inspirations are Mario Orlando and Horacio Godoy for their precision and eclecticism.

Attentive and always curious about the hybridizations and changes that all the DJs of the world brew, to vivify the traditional milonga.